21st June — ‘WORLD YOGA DAY’





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* YOGA offers a simple, accessible and inclusive means to promote physical and spiritual health and well-being, says Ban-Ki Moon, Secretary general of the United  Nations.

“It is a scientific guide to caring for your body and mind” says Hansaji Yogendera, Director of 97-year old THE YOGA INSTITUTE.

It is the science of connecting your inner self for self-improvement , says Dr. G.N.Jha,Professor of Yoga at JNU, New Delhi. 

“It improves cardio-vascular health, helps in increasing secretion of endocrinal glands, blood circulation in muscular and joints and treating sleep and psycho-somatic diseases”, say the experts. 

The word ‘YOGA’ simply means union, i.e to connect ! Yoga, as it is understood is not a set of postures or exercises, in which you must twist your body, like a rubber band, to look beautiful and stay healthy. It is much, much more and far deeper and philoshphical way of Life that connects the spiritual and social world to live a healthy Lifestyle!

To my mind it is a MEN’S QUEST TO PRESERVE HIS OR HER HEALTH, by observing certain systemic and daily rituals or norms as preached in Hindu way of life. Yoga is also mentioned in Arabic work in Middle East and Muslim Civilization and is even practised by orthodox Jews.

Around 400 BC, a yogic named Patanjali systemised this traditional knowledge in the form of sutras or brief texts. His compilation became the standard text which has been followed for centuries and is still followed today.

It starts with an invocation or a prayer to God by chanting ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’, and sitting in a mediation posture!

This is followed by basic breathing exercises or techniques called Pranayam. This is followed by set of asanas or poses, like padamasana (lotus pose) and savasanas ( corpus pose) for complete releaxa’tion.

Surya namaskar, is a combination of 10 to 12 asanas packaged together as daily wellness routine, it is not for worshipping the Sun God but is done facing the Sun as it is believed to be good for optic nerve and , and is normally done early in the morning, in an open space, to get fresh oxygen, for your lungs.   

All these asanas or postures are usually done during inhalation or exhalation for maximum benefits. For making it more effective we now say, “Inhale Love and Exhale hate”!!

When asked, by Founder of Apollo Hospital, in India, that what is the best Wellness routine, the spiritual Guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, said,” There are two kind of ailments: Infectious and Chronic. Infectious ailment happen because of external invasion. You must go to a medical doctor or an expert for that. But 70 % of ailments are self-created – they happen from within you. What happens from within can easily be fixed from within. Yoga is a system of finding access to that source within you which is the basis of creating this body.

I would like all of you to develop your own ‘HEALTH ETHICS’. The idea is to remain healthy. Our body and system must be kept tuned – active and agile, for a healthy body and mind. Exercise and Food are the 2 basic ingredients. We must choose what is best for us.

“Let Food be thy medicine”, said Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates. His words are true, even – till today.

Being Mobile and Active – is the second important message. For every ache and pain, Physiotherapy is the desired treatment.                          

Why not treat the cause, itself? Let not your muscles and joints become stiff. Move man, move…..

In the 75th Scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association, held earlier this month, in Boston, the biggest buzz and excitement was over the results of one of the biggest drug trial research of a new diabetes drug called Januvia, belonging to theSitagliptin class of drugs, which was under cloud till recently

China with 90 million diabetese stricken patients, India with 70 million & USA with 30 million, will particularly form a lucrative market. Merck,(the drug company) has spent millions in funding the research, and has flown the healthcare professional from these countries, since this drug can become the biggest blockbuster in its portfolio.

More people now die in India and China due to Diabetese and other non-communicable Lifestyle diseases, though this is largely avoidable with Lifestyle changes, but we refuse to change our un-healthy ways.

In today’s world; BIG PHARMA, BIG FOOD, BIG AUTO Companies govern our lives and we are the poor guinea-pigs.

SUGAR IS THE NEW TOBACCO, says Dr Sashank Joshi, the leading Endocrinologist from Bombay, India. Society that calls for “Sweets” or “Cakes”, on every happy occasion, must replace it with ‘FRUITS’ or NUTS coated with dark choclate.

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